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Music4LifeMusic 4 Life® Technology’s “M4LT” mission is to become the leading provider and collaborator of self-discovery music wellness and education programs and products to help consumers become more productive, energized, happier and peaceful.

We are a multidimensional business that provides products and services specifically designed to benefit those struggling with stress, including Music Therapy, Drum Circles, Music Medicine, and Wellness classes. Working exclusively with Music 4 Life, Inc.‘s unique platform, Music Medicine end-users will be empowered and educated to relieve stress through a “Mood Exercise Regimen™” aka “Mood Sequence Formula™” or “Music Medicine Pill™.” The products and programs are scalable for use in the home, workplace or institutional setting through music, books, accreditation programs and self-assessments. M4LT’s core competency of this proprietary platform was created by licensed board-certified music therapist, Judith Pinkerton, who is revolutionizing the field of music-based stress management.


Author: Judith Pinkerton

Licensed, board-certified music therapist Judith Pinkerton is the first to receive the music therapy license in the USA and the originator of Music 4 Life's Music Medicine Protocol.

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