The Market For Music Therapy

Investment In Wellness Industry

It is important for investors to understand that music therapy serves populations of all ages and all backgrounds to achieve one singular goal: to alleviate symptoms of disorders, injuries or other conditions that prevent people from experiencing an optimal quality of life.

Since opening the doors of Music 4 Life®, we’ve had the privilege to serve many of these different pInvestment In Wellness Industryopulations. When we made the decision to expand the business through online technology, one of the largest deciding factors was, of course, whether or not there was a market for what we’re offering.

It didn’t take long for us to come to the conclusion that as long as we have our passion and commitment to helping all of our clients achieve a better quality of life, there will always be a market for music therapy.

One item to check off your investment checklist.

Who benefits from music therapy?

  • Children & adolescents: Music therapy is often implemented for children and adolescents who suffer from developmental disabilities, behavioral disorders and learning disabilities.
  • Pregnant women: music therapy is often implemented during labor to offset the pain of labor.
  • Addicts: music therapy has shown to be an effective recovery tool for patients suffering from substance abuse.
  • Alzheimer’s and brain injury patients: music therapy has shown to accelerate or enhance treatment and minimize symptoms.
  • Mental health patients: Depression, anxiety and other mental health implications are often treated with music therapy.
  • Holistic patients: music therapy is natural and effective, providing an alternative for patients who would like to avoid pharmaceutical treatments. Many psychiatrists and psychologists promote the use of music therapy to treat patients suffering from anxiety and other mental health disorders.

For better or worse, these populations don’t show a sign of disappearing any time soon. We love serving those who can benefit from our treatments, but more importantly for you, the investor, we know you’ll be able to see that one of the most important components of a successful business, a market, is well-established.

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Author: Judith Pinkerton

Licensed, board-certified music therapist Judith Pinkerton is the first to receive the music therapy license in the USA and the originator of Music 4 Life's Music Medicine Protocol.

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