Music4Life MarketResearchers have determined that people who are undergoing medical treatment actually show an improvement in their immune system after the music therapy has been introduced to their treatment regimen. This is no longer theory but is backed up by medical proof. There is measurable recorded proof that people experiencing anxiety actually have a decrease in heart rate, muscle activity, and temperature after the introduction of music therapy.

In a National Business Group on Health/Watson Wyatt Survey (2009), employers cited “employee’s poor health habits” and “under use of preventative services” as the top two challenges to maintaining affordable benefit coverage. Providing music wellness programs invite interest, fun, and motivation to use effective prevention services.

Core Problems Solved

M4LT’s programs and services incorporate all music styles – not just soothing music – to relieve stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and grief, referred to as “unsettledness”. M4LT trains people’s instincts with educated health responses based upon researched music therapy principles of iso-principle, entrainment mechanism and vectoring. However, existing systems of belief about music and typical listening habits will have to be transformed through in-depth cutting edge branding for the escalating sales of Music 4 Life® programs and products.