About Us

ipod-people-colorMusic 4 Life® Technology, Inc. “M4LT” was founded by Judith Pinkerton, LPMT, MT-BC, the first board-certified music therapist to receive the music therapy license in the USA. The Company provides deep, transformational relief from stress and anxiety through its revolutionary therapeutic programs.  M4LT adopted a proprietary platform, distributed by Music 4 Life, Inc., adding a third part to the traditional Two-part (2) music therapy platform. This platform has proven to reduce stress in as little as Fifteen (15) Minutes in Eighty-Seven Percent (87%) of cases.

The programs and products have proven to reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications – prescriptive or self-medicated with alcohol. Training programs educate consumers how to relate differently to the vastly under-utilized resource of music. Consumers are empowered to self-regulate moods by accessing their music files another way for portability and ease in any situation to neutralize unsettledness (i.e. stress, anxiety, anger, depression, grief). Thousands of people have experienced healing at the hands of Music 4 Life® programs and products.

Music 4 Life® provides a do-it-yourself approach to managing emotions through books, music, accredited programs, and self-assessments that help consumers become more productive, energized, happier, and peaceful. Researched since 1986, Music 4 Life® programs and products have been shown to:

  • Reduce trauma
  • Diminish stress
  • Minimize anger
  • Reverse depression
  • Lessen anxiety

A well-targeted branding and marketing campaign will be launched through multiple channels, designed to attract revenues from a broad group of advertisers. The marketing channels include social networks (You Tube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace), Apple iTunes U, infomercials, conferences [music, education, healthcare, insurance, elder care], magazines, direct mail, e-mail and the effective promotion of testimonials. Currently, in the Consumer Funnel Model, the primary capture methods to M4LT’s subscription will be through online ads, radio show, events, and word of mouth.


Judith Pinkerton, LPMT, MT-BC: CEO

Dennis D. Burkhardt, D.C.: COO
Ben Douglas, MBA, MSA: CFO
Devi Barnard: Online Marketing
Chris Collins: Branding, Design
Andrea Foglia: Website development
Duane Maas: Apple platforms and Apps
Michael Farmer: Market Advisor
Weintraub Law Group and Optima Law: Securities Attorneys
Blue Moon Advisors: Pro Formas and Castle Peak Finance Fundraise
Thomas Montgomery, MHA, MBA: growth and expansion support through Small Business Development Initiative