Music Therapy: The Science Behind The Healing

Do you ever find yourself listening to specific songs for specific occasions? Maybe you crank up the classical when it’s time for deep concentration at work. Perhaps you pump a pop-song before walking into a particularly important meeting that requires you to be high energy. Or when it’s time to connect with that special someone, you turn to the universal love language known as Barry White.

The point is, music has the power to create within us certain moods and emotions. It can stir up in us the energy to be fully effective in different situations. It creates unity and continuity between strangers (we’ve all been to those concerts that felt like a religious experience).

Behind these emotional states are scientific reasons for how music affects us the way that it does. That’s why music therapy is often used for guiding people who suffer from anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression, dementia and autism – just to name a few.

Here are five scientific reasons music and music therapy provides healing for patients suffering from varying disorders.

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