Music4Life Technology, Inc. Leveraging Passion Into Company Growth A Passion For Helping The World Through Music Looks To Expand

Music 4 Life® Technology, Inc. is expanding their music therapy and wellness services as the wellness industry continues to show significant growth throughout 2016 and moving into 2017. With the ever-increasing diagnoses of anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse and other prevalent afflictions, the need for non-pharmaceutical related treatments is growing. Music 4 Life® benefits practitioners, patients, general public and investors who are looking for an opportunity to participate in an industry that exists to improve the well-being of its consumers.

Judith Pinkerton, the founder of Music 4 Life® and the first to receive the music therapy license in the United States, had this to say about the upcoming business expansion and value to all parties involved: “Companies in nearly sixty different settings work with 7,000 music therapists throughout the USA. Music 4 Life® is a music therapy company that successfully merges the wellness and music industries through our proprietary protocol which embraces all music styles as healing; it’s not just about spa music. New online platforms will streamline access to accredited classes, digitized product downloads, self-assessment apps, subscriptions for podcasts, healing playlists, and daily inspirations, allowing more people to access our services and expertise. Music 4 Life’s® Music Medicine protocol is music therapist-directed, effective in supporting healthy lifestyles for all ages, from womb to tomb.”

Accredited investors who are interested in reading Music 4 Life® Technology, Inc.’s offering documents can do so by registering at their funding portal,, clicking on “Browse Investments” and registering as an investor. Castle Peak Finance is also where investors will be able to purchase equity in Music 4 Life® Technology, Inc.

About The Company: Music 4 Life® Technology, Inc. was founded by Judith Pinkerton, the first to receive the music therapy license in the United States. In addition to providing music therapy services, she is an author, speaker and radio show host who is so passionate about the power of music that her mission is to become the leading complementary and alternative medicine global provider and collaborator of self-discovery music wellness products and education programs to help consumers become more productive, energized, happier and peaceful.

If you’re an accredited investor, you can invest in Music4Life by visiting and registering as an investor today.

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